College Students

Are your academic or social pressures overwhelming you? Are you having trouble making friends, enjoying yourself, and fitting in?

College life can provide a great deal of challenges academically, socially and personally. Stress, anxiety, depression, and adjustment concerns are common feelings for beginning or current college students. College can be a positive time in a persons life, but is often full of adjustments and hardships. If you are experiencing these struggles you are not alone many college students face these challenges.

College is a time of transition in a young adults life. Academic demands, social pressures, and a desire to succeed are areas of concern for many college students. Whether you are experiencing these stressors it is important to notice when you are in need of additional support.

Do I really need counseling? Everyone around me seems to be so happy why do I feel differently?

Counseling can be a positive resource at any time in a persons life. Providing an nonjudgmental atmosphere where individuals can discuss any topic in a non-biased environment can be extremely powerful in self-discovery and personal growth. Counseling and working on your mental health is a skill that needs refining and attention in the same way that physical health does. College is a perfect time in a persons life to work on self-growth and skill development for later in life. Isolation, anxiety, depression are common feelings among college students due to the pressures individuals feel to always portray a happy and joyful public image. By noticing these feelings and seeking help you are taking a huge step in improving your overall happiness and finding the support you need.

Are you experiencing relationship problems, adjusting to being away from family, or having difficulty managing all the responsibilities of college life? 

It is often difficult to pick just one stress that you are experiencing especially when juggling the responsibilities of college life. Forming new relationships and being away from sources of support can add to the already stressful demands of college life. You are not alone in these experiences and finding ways that work for you to manage all these areas of life is an important skill to develop. Whether you are struggling with romantic relationships, relationships with friends, or family, counseling can help you sort through those experiences and communicate your feelings effectively to others. You already have the foundation to make these changes and find balance in your life it is just about finding the strategies that work for you at this time.

How I can help:

  • Provide you with an environment to talk about your experiences
  • Support you in making the adjustments or changes you want to make in your life
  • Help you with communication strategies for both family and friends
  • Support you in reaching your academic, and relational goals

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