Life Transitions

What is a life transition and who experiences them?

The term life transition means and major shift in a person’s life including change of career, moving to a new state, end of a relationship, loss of a loved one, change in  a health condition. All of these areas can create an array of feelings, including anxiety, depression, stress, shift of identity and general confusion. Everyone experiences a variety of life transitions and shifts in their lives, some we are more easily faced than others. By noticing these feelings you are taking the first step in processing and facing how these life transitions are effecting you professionally, personally, and physically.

How do I know if I am having trouble with a life transition?

It can often be difficult to tell at first what events are causing an influx of emotions in an individual’s life. Through personal exploration or discussions in counseling sessions you can discover and process what areas of your life may be creating additional stress, anxiety, depression and more. Often individuals have a general feeling that something feels “off” or “not right,” but they cannot figure out just one area that is creating those feelings. You are not alone in this transitional time and counseling can provide you with the support and environment you need to explore what areas and events are impacting your mental health.

Are you feeling less productive at work or disconnected with friends or family?

Having difficulty concentrating on certain tasks, not meeting your goals at work, finding it difficult to go to work each day. These are all common feelings when an individual is experiencing stress, anxiety or depression when dealing with the daily demands of work life. Often these feelings do not stay at the office, but effect people in their personal or social life. Experiencing a lack of enjoyment in areas that used to bring you happiness is common when encountering life changes. Individuals often see that life transitions are impacting their relationships with friends and family before other areas of life. Not feeling connected to their partner, children, or friends and finding themselves distracted during times in their life that they used to find enjoyable is a common sign that it may be a beneficial time to seek counseling. It is not an easy step to take to seek help and admit that things are not “feeling right.” Counseling can provide you with an environment that assists you in processing the stresses and anxieties of your daily life and be a dedicated place to focus on yourself.


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